The Romance of Candlelight combined

with the Beauty of old Oak

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candle holder
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Nowadays most fence or gate posts are made from concrete or treated pine, but in times past these posts were invariably made from oak - oak which over time became weathered by the sun and the rain. It is these old oak posts which I seek out and from which I fashion unique, characterful candle holders. Turned and then wax-polished, but with enough of the original rough surface left to produce a stunning contrast, these candle holders are truly classic reminders of days gone by.

Prices vary depending on size but, as a guide, a 7" x 7" x 9" candle holder will cost in the region of £85, and one measuring 4" x 4" x 6" around £35. Candles are included.

I also use oak staves from old Scottish whisky barrels to create elegant candle holders for dining tables or window sills. £45 basic; £50 or £57 with candles, depending on the type of candle selected.